How to write a killer script for YouTube
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How to write a killer script for YouTube

How to write a killer script for YouTube

  1. Start with a HOT intro.
    1. Hook – to get viewers’ initial attention
    2. Outcome – to tell them what they are going to achieve as an encouragement to watch until the end
    3. Testimonial – Give them a reason to trust you. For example, I’ve worked with thousands of people for 10 years.

With the Hook, there are many ways of doing it. For example, you can choose the most exciting piece of footage from the video as a short trailer at the start.

Always ask for what you want.

For a high engagement video, you want viewers to like your video and subscribe to your channel. When a viewer subscribes to your channel, it means they will receive notifications when you post a new video. YouTube will also likely feature your videos on their account as suggested content.

So after straight after you’ve got the viewers past your hook, always ask them to subscribe and like.

4. Get to the point as quickly as possible.

This will mean that viewers are more likely to get engaged sooner and watch all the way through.

During the middle of your video, ask your audience a simple question that you want answered in the video’s comments below.

If the viewers have watched until the end of the video, it means they are likely engaged with your content. Therefore it is imperative that you ask them again to like and subscribe to the video. Tell them to subscribe so that they can see your new content every week, month, etc.

Also, ask them to Share it with someone that they think would benefit from the video.

5. Then, ask your viewers to connect with you outside of YouTube

The thing is, there is a LOT of content online. Even if the viewers loved your YouTube video, they can easily forget about you. So what you need to is make sure that you are sending them somewhere where you can further build your relationship. For example, you can send them to your email list, Instagram, Facebook Group, your website and/or your social platforms. Using your YouTube audience, you can also leverage your social platforms and build those too.

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