So, your ads suck? Here’s why…
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So, your ads suck? Here’s why…

So, your ads suck? Here’s why…

This is the main detrimental thing that businesses stuff up all the time in their advertising. Occasionally, I’ve forgotten it too.

Although, once you are aware of it, you can easily fix it. You will definitely notice a considerable improvement in your results.

Before you start advertising your business, make sure you’re focusing on the right goal.

The problem is I’ve noticed lots of businesses have this upside down.

So, what is the right goal? “Getting customers, obviously.”


Let’s pretend you’re creating a digital ad. Your goal is NOT to get a customer. If you create the ad with this goal in mind, your call to action will likely be similar to “Click here to buy now“.

The success rate of an ad like this will either fail or be incredibly low.

In this instance, the goal of the ad should be to qualify your ideal prospect to click on the ad. That’s it.

Once the prospect clicks on your ad, they may be directed to your webpage.

So, what should be the goal of the webpage then?

It may differ depending on your offering. For example, you may be a service based consultancy business and you may have an introductory opt-in call. Therefore, the goal of the webpage is still not to sell your consultancy service, but to sell the call.

If you’re writing an email headline, your goal is NOT to get customers. e.g. “Product XYZ now 85% off RRP!

Instead the goal of the headline is to make the customer open the email. e.g. “Re: OMG Sophia you won’t believe this…

If you’re a gym owner, your advertising goal is NOT to gain new members. It is to get people to sign up to your 2 week free trial.

Every action in your advertising should be focused and optimised for getting prospects to take the next step in your funnel.

However, most businesses focus on only the final desired action. This is why they are missing out on sales.

If you can focus on take enough steps, they will naturally convert into sales.

Unfortunately, if you’re optimising for the wrong goal at the wrong stage in the funnel, your advertising will fail.

So, next time you’re creating a campaign, remind yourself to focus the action you’d like your prospect to take at that immediate moment. Don’t impatiently skip steps ahead to the final conversion action.

This is a simple concept. Although, once you understand it, I guarantee you will notice dramatically improved results.

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